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all songs © Lester/Smith SOCAN

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The Observer (Kill Rock Stars) 2006
Janis Zeppelin (Smarten Up! Records) 2003
The Family Swan (Kill Rock Stars) 2002
Who Shot Elvis? (Matador) 1997
The Eagle And The Poodle (Matador) 1996
Sitting On Snaps (Matador) 1995
Flood Plain (K) 1993
Jarred Up (K) 1993
Dovetail (K) 1992
Water Cuts My Hands (Matador) 1991
Calico Kills The Cat (K) 1989
Mecca Normal (Smarten Up!) 1986


Malachi (K) 2010
Paris In April (K) 1996
The Bird That Wouldn’t Fly (Matador) 1995
Echo (Jettison) 1993
Rose (K) 1992
From The Surface (Dionysus) 1992
Singles Club (Sub Pop) 1992
Orange (Harriet) 1991
Armchairs Fit Through Doorways (K) 1991
Bright Like Ice (Smarten Up!) 1991
I Can Hear Me Fine (Smarten Up!) 1991
Cardboard Box House of Love (K) 1990
Oh Yes You Can! (K) 1987

Compilation songs on:

Live From The Afterworld (Electro Motive) 2000
What’s Up Matador (Matador) 1997
Yo-Yo-A-Go-Go 1996
Club Nasty Boots (K) 1996
Word Up (EMI) 1995
Extra Cheese (Matador) 1995
Fast Forward (Holland) 1994
Dare To Be Aware 1994
Soda Girl 1994
International Hip Swing (K) 1993
Donovan Tribute Album (Nettwerk) 1992 (Jean with Superconductor)
Throw (Yo Yo) 1992
International Pop Underground (K) 1992
An Empty Threat 1992
Eating a Fish Shaped Particle (Germany) 1992
Kill Rock Stars (Kill Rock Stars) 1991
Hard To Be Cool 1988
Bad Newz 1988
CIA 1988
Display Ideas for Supermarkets 1988
Black Wedge (cassette) 1987
New Zealand comp 1987
Expo Hurts Everyone 7" (Sudden Death) 1986


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